Loving a Married Man

black-couple-bed I am a 21 year old that has feel in love with a married man. He is twice my age. We started out by have general conversations. Then there was lunch dates and dinners. He had showed me the affection and love that I thought I needed at the time. He wrote me little love notes. I was really enjoying it. We spent so much time together. I was falling so deep and now I can’t get out. I never would expect him to leave his wife. I would never ask. Deep down in side I know that there is no future with a married man. We have been together for a while. He says he love me. A part of me believes him. He have risk so much for me. I deal with guilt everyday. We now have a child together and my feelings have got stronger. I see myself wondering what if…. Now he comes to see me. I hate to see him leave. I cry so many nights. He is a very good man. And I understands why he went outside of his marriage. He’s wife’s is totally a bitch. That I know for myself.Maybe I would fell worst about the situation if she done her wifely duties. What kinda woman always talk down to her husband. And never support him and don’t want to see him succeed. I support him. It;s like I pulling her weight for him. We have more than sex, Most people think that is what is. He is my best friend, I can talk to him about anything, he can talk to me about anything. These feelings that I have for him is unbelievable. Never thought I could love someone the way I love him. I don’t understand. Now I’m in these Love Triangle that I can’t get out of. Do I even want to get out of?? I know he sleeps beside her every night, wake up to her every morning. Spend all the Holidays with. Even when he says he want out of his marriage I know that is a lie. Especially if its been 25+ Years and he haven’t done it yet. Hell all men say that to keep their mistress around longer, having her hoping that one day it will be more. Well it don’t work with me. I may be young but I’m not dumb. Now I have a son I have no REGRETS!! I’m I selfish? Sometimes maybe.


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